Voice UPS Battery Backup

Coastal Fiber Voice uses the electrical power in your home. You may not be able to make 911 calls if there is a power outage or Coastal Fiber Voice experiences network/technical problems.

In the event of a power outage or network issues, a backup battery –  "Uninterruptible Power Supply" (UPS) – can keep your voice service up and running for at least 8 and up to 24 hours.*

You can purchase a battery backup directly from us for a one-time charge of $100 + tax when you open your Coastal Fiber account or you can call us to upgrade at any time.

To purchase a Coastal Fiber Voice backup battery, contact us at 1-833-434-3311. You can also purchase a UPS from local or online retailers such as office supply stores, Best Buy, and Amazon. Coastal Fiber recommends a dedicated UPS for the Fiber phone equipment and our specifications are based on powering only your phone equipment.

*Note: any powered phone equipment (cordless base stations, digital phones) must be powered by a UPS during an outage. Battery time may be lower if your battery is kept in an unusually hot, cold, or unclean environment. To preserve battery life during a power outage, use your phone service sparingly.

Precision Power Li-36 Micro UPS

Designed to protect and power your Coastal Fiber equipment, the Precision Power Li-36 Micro UPS (PP36L) offers uninterrupted DC power and increased surge protection, and will provide 8-24 hours of battery backup during an emergency. Simple to install and easy to use.


Compact, Space-Saving Design

Battery Life of 10-15 Years

Audible and Visual Alarm with Ability to Silence

6" X 3.5" X 1.22"

Weighs 1.76 lbs

Telemetry Alarming

Li-Ion Battery

Lightning Surge Protection

12V, 36W


Operating Temperature -10°C - +49°C (14°F - 120.2°F) @ Full Power

Storage Temperature -30°C - 65°C (-22°F - 149°F)