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Thanks for choosing Coastal Fiber for your Internet service. You are getting the best Internet and Wi-Fi experience possible. Now that your professional installation and whole home Wi-Fi optimization is complete, you’re ready to start tailoring your Wi-Fi. Before you begin your Coastal Fiber internet service, download the Coastal Fiber Wi-Fi app now.

Step 1

Follow the appropriate link below from your device.

Step 2

Download the app.


Step 3

You're all set!

For detailed app setup instructions, review the Coastal Fiber app quick start guide.

Experience the True Power of the Coastal Fiber App

Check your Internet speed.

Run bandwidth tests to monitor your network performance and give bandwidth priority to specific devices.

Easily set up a guest network.

Keep your network passwords secure by setting up separate guest networks for your visitors.

View and manage all devices connected to your network.

Track a device’s bandwidth usage, pause its network access, or disconnect it.

Set parental controls.

See what apps your kids are using, how long they’re used for, and tailor their experience by blocking inappropriate sites and content, or setting usage limits.

Active threat protection.

View total threats, intrusions, and viruses blocked over time. You can even see protected devices and total protection uptime.